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House keeping & Carers

All the workers  we recruit are highly experienced in the field.
Recruitment includes - C.V. And a video interview.
Countries of origin - Dubai, Philippines, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
language - English .
Recruitment is done according to the customer's requirements and the tasks he wants the employee to perform.
We perform the entire bureaucratic procedure in handling work permit and visa paperwork.

There are three Domains of care in which we recruit foreign caregivers:

Child care and home maintenance industry - the field of child care, also known as the field of operas or babysitting. Unlike caregivers, a childminder should present extensive experience in caring for children of all ages, and should also be proficient in household skills, such as: cooking, laundry, cleaning, and more. A foreign caregiver who works as a "nanny" is required to live in the employer's family home, show patience, love and warmth towards the children being treated and maintain good communication with the children's parents.

Nursing industry - These caregivers are skilled and have extensive experience in the field of nursing care for the elderly population as well as for the disabled and handicapped population. The gender of the foreign caregiver can be adjusted to the patient and a man and a woman can choose.

Elderly care industry - This area of ​​employment needs the manpower of caregivers, who can live with an elderly and elderly person and take care of him with great dedication and patience, and take care of all his needs, from food and feeding, through assistance in clothing, to assistance in defecation and shower.

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